THE Story

Sinergia, from the Greek sunergia for « cooperation », refers to the coordinated or correlated action of several elements towards a common goal. Sinergia was born in 2012 from a conviction: art is a remarkable vector of transformation for and within companies. Its founder, Avelina Martin Calvo, a Franco-Spanish financial graduate and artist, has made it her mission to re-establish the link between the creation of value in companies and the act of artistic creation.


SINERGIA supports leaders, managers and collaborators in their managerial, organisational and cultural transformation projects. SINERGIA’s mission is also to open up the strategy and business innovation of organisations through Art Thinking.


The objective is to create and strengthen the link between Leadership and Art, to create sustainable values in the company: performance takes on all its meanings. To do this, SINERGIA puts Art and artistic thinking at the heart of the company’s strategy to open it to a more human, innovative and efficient performance.

THE art-thinking approach

The bridge between the « Art Thinking » creative approach and the agile method of « Design Thinking » explores new ways of thinking differently about innovation. Surprise and questioning are at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Art Thinking combines the journey of the Transformative Artist with management tools to make the organisation agile and innovative, at the service of a the company’s responsible and sustainable performance.

The approach is a journey into the state of Art to find inspiration. Indeed without inspiration there is no creativity, without creativity, there is no action, without action, there will be no transformation. This approach therefore follows 3 steps:

INSPIRATION: Interactive conferences

Be Inspired by the journey of the Transforming Artist. How to really think « out of the box »? How to reflect on the art of yesterday, today and tomorrow, to rethink leadership in the light of creativity and Artistic Intelligence?

CREATIVE EXPLORATION: Innovative workshops

How to explore the creative process to stimulate the imagination? Why and how to dare to ask questions, to dare to lead  with creativity?  How to reach full cooperation in « sinergia » within the group to co-create conceptual prototypes, to bring together strategic issues and managerial innovation.

TRANSFORMATION: Coaching and facilitation

Reveal the creative talents of each person, consolidate the posture of the Transforming Leader and make the creative process his or her roadmap, to perpetuate the culture of innovation in the organisation.